Lantern Clock by Daniell Weeb


c. 1677 with later Japy Freres movement
Daniell Weeb lantern clock

A highly decorative lantern clock by Daniell Weeb, a previously unrecorded maker.

The engraving is in the style of a second period lantern clock although the dial plate is signed by the maker and dated "annodom 1677".

The frets are traditional cross-dolphin frets but the engraver has totally ignored the traditional way of engraving cross-dolphin frets and covered them in a very elaborate floral pattern. This pattern continues on the front dial plate and on the alarm disc. Close inspection reveals hidden faces and various creatures.

The Japy Freres Victorian spring-driven movement counts the hours with single hammer striking the bell and with a single strike on the half hour. The bell strap clips around the finials in a first period style.

The clock having 5 1/2" square frame, 6" diameter chapter ring of 1" width and finely engraved 6 1/4" high dial plate. The clock stands 14" high.

Daniell Weeb lantern clock dial detail Daniell Weeb lantern clock Daniell Weeb lantern clock movement Daniell Weeb lantern clock movement Daniell Weeb lantern clock detail

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