Miniature Lantern Alarm Timepiece by Amyot & Bennett


c. 1790
Amyot & Bennett lantern clock

A superbly original George III miniature alarum timepiece. It is extremely rare to find such an original clock surviving outside a museum environment. The clock has its original night pallets (for near silent running) as it was intended to be a bedroom alarm.

The dial is 6" wide by 8" high. The movement is based on a 3" square frame and is 3.75" between the top and bottom plates. Overall height of the movement from feet to finials is only 8.5".

This is one of the most amazing lantern clocks I've come across and I've seen many. It appears to have had no modifications or restoration work carried out during its lifetime, save two replacement screws of a different style to the originals. These screws have been removed and two replacements made to match the original screws. The clock has been carefully cleaned and oiled so as not to damage the patination. It is ready to give many, many years' good service.

Due to its sheer originality, this clock, although of late manufacture and so often falling outside the dates that keen lantern collectors are interested in, would not look out of place sitting next to a Bowyer or similar!

Peter Amyot worked in partnership with his former apprentice, James Bennett, from 1790.

Amyot & Bennett lantern clock Amyot & Bennett lantern clock detail Amyot & Bennett lantern clock movement Amyot & Bennett lantern clock movement Amyot & Bennett lantern clock detail

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