Lantern Clock with Tic-tac Escapement


c. 1670
West Country lantern clock

A striking timepiece with hoop and spikes. The clock running on its original tic-tac escapement. Tic-tac escapements are rare but, when found, are usually on West Country lantern clocks. The lantern frame having single-piece pillars and a broad frame, probably a Bristol casting. West Country clockmakers often sourced their castings from Bristol. Chain drive on the Huygens continuous system. The engraved dial decorated with a large scale tulip pattern. Coarse wheels, heavily tapered arbors and large pinions.

The chapter ring was trimmed top and bottom by the clockmaker to fit between the plates, which is also commonly found in West Country clocks. Note the numerals 'VI' and 'XII' have been engraved at a smaller height to fit into the available space on the chapter ring (see detail photograph).

The clock having 5 3/4" square frame, 6 1/4" diameter chapter ring of 1 1/4" width and engraved 6" high dial plate. Standing 15" high to top of bell finial.

West Country lantern clock West Country lantern clock dial detail West Country lantern clock movement West Country lantern clock movement West Country lantern clock tic-tac detail

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