Lantern Clock by John Eldridge


c. 1680 with later ting-tang fusee movement
John Eldridge lantern clock

A nice example of an early english lantern clock by the London maker John Eldridge. This clock has been subject to a fusee conversion, probably in the Victorian era, using a high-quality 8-day twin-fusee movement with ting-tang striking.

The clock keeps excellent time, counting the hours and quarters by ting-tang striking utilising the standard lantern bell with a smaller bell neatly hidden inside. The pendulum and movement are totally contained within the frame of the clock and the pendulum also has its original transit screw, a nice feature often missing.

The frame of this clock is of standard lantern proportions and includes original cross-dolphin frets and 5 original finials. The finely engraved dial plate with tulip design and carrying the maker's signature "John Eldredg Londini fecit".

The clock having 5 1/2" square frame, 6 1/8" diameter chapter ring of 1 1/8" width and finely engraved 6 1/8" high dial plate. The clock stands 15" high.

John Eldridge was apprenticed circa 1670 and freed to the Clockmakers Company circa 1678.

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John Eldridge lantern clock dial detail John Eldridge lantern clock John Eldridge lantern clock movement John Eldridge lantern clock movement John Eldridge lantern clock detail

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